A new sight

I thought my eyes were meant to see colour And that could make me smile in glee  So I would surround myself in as much colour Until the day I saw there was more to see I thought my eyes were made to feel deeper And sometimes that would make me weep So I went... Continue Reading →


Poised Ready to go Excited Freedom maybeFinally this was it The goosebumps Familiar fading awayEverything known Dark all aroundA swamp ahead? No, feels like water Stepping inBut, a sudden slip Off balance Confusion Splashing or sinkingFighting the angst Screaming for helpNo sound escaping Moon light caught my eye Wait, oh waitI have to stopLoosen the... Continue Reading →

Cinderella in the city

Living in a small town or village, the grocer, the milkman, the paperboy, all go by their names, people know them, call out to them; they are just like anyone else in the village. I think you lose that touch in a big city. They just become an invisible, no-name paperboy, milkman ... that we... Continue Reading →

Don’t lose yourself, little one

Don’t lose yourself, little one  For there will be many a twist and turn  Many a friend and foe  To all make you, their very own  Don’t lose yourself, little one  In dark days and sparkling nights  Many a fear and delight alike  To each make you, their willing subject Don’t lose yourself, little one ... Continue Reading →

Just a hole in the wall

I thought a window was just a hole in the wall Until the day that I was locked up inside Why it only brought the brightest of light  That made a summer day feel even hotter Or at other times, there were the noisiest of sounds Having me wish for more quiet instead Just a... Continue Reading →

What is life

An old man told this story to his little grandchildren  It was the day they should learn what was life, he felt He told them a story of a flower that once had bloomed And taught him the lesson of life’s fortune, he said What a beauty to behold, only a bud just the other... Continue Reading →

Write your story

The shoes you wear  Don’t do much for you today Your body, it feels tired Weighing your mind with exhaustion Thoughts once full of wonder Bristling with fire and dreams Simple joys have long escaped Your heart doesn’t want to look Gone in a flash, it feels Gone too slowly, maybe  Stay with me and... Continue Reading →

The breadwala

The quiet night gives way to dawn Gentle rays feather paint the early morn Some people sip their mug of hot coffee While others still, catch a tail end of slumber When suddenly, the faint greeting of a bicycle bell  A signal, it is almost time to start up their day Almost time to go... Continue Reading →

Step out

The open road Step out Farther than you can see Farther than you can reach There is time Use the time with you today Take the step you can today This is not a race Just a game within your mind Make the choice deeper within your mind Step out. To see more of my... Continue Reading →

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